Thank You to all who made our Pay It Forward 5K Event a success. We could not have done it without you! Check our    Facebook    page for more.

Thank You to all who made our Pay It Forward 5K Event a success. We could not have done it without you! Check our Facebook page for more.

Help Us Build No Cost Housing for Transplant Patients and Their Families

Northern Illinois Transplant House is a new 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization currently raising funds to build and operate a housing facility for transplant patients and their families coming to the Chicago area for treatment. 

How It Will Work

Organ transplant patients recommended by Chicago area hospital social workers will receive no cost housing for themselves and their families for as long as needed.

The Problem Is Real

“We live about 6 hours south of Cleveland so we had to stay in the Cleveland area for about 10 weeks after his transplant.”
— LH, Ohio

While saving lives, organ transplantation brings a new set of issues that families/caregivers must face.The Transplant House will help mitigate some of the stress caused by out-of-pocket costs  to patients/caregivers that are not covered by many medical policies or Medicare. 

“ My husband’s transplant was turned down by three medical centers, two of them out-of-state before being accepted. Each hospital required travel for evaluation and testing. Since his transplant he has been admitted six times in five months due to complications. We live about 100 miles from the transplant center.” - VD


Did you know?

  • Transplants are only available to patients with full-time, live-in caregivers.

  • More than 1,200 organ transplants took place in Illinois in 2016 (Crain's Chicago Business). That number is expected dramatically increase this year.

 Organ transplant patients may require constant trips to this hospital:

  • Prior to transplant may take months to complete testing required to be included on and stay on organ transplant listings.

  • Post-transplant follow-up treatment require the patient to stay near the transplant center for weeks and sometimes months.

 Non-medical related expenses become a burden, especially when the transplant center is far from home

  • Many times the patient will have to go on Medicare in order to cover medical treatment related to and including the organ transplant . Any existing insurance becomes supplemental and now covers less. Not only are families expected to pay travel related expenses out-of-pocket but in many cases living expenses such as child care, lost wages and others now impact the family.

Take Action

Will you help make a difference?  Donate today, volunteer your time, or become a board member.  You can help reduce the stress and out-of-pocket expense of caring for a loved one who needs this life saving treatment.



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